MAU Architecture

MAU Architecture is an contemporary architectural practice based in Fier, Albania, and Padova since 2017. We develops our line through the participation in projects concerning public-private programs, promoting through architecturethe sense of community and the individual identities. We are a multi-disciplinary design practice working in the fields of Architectural, Interior and Urban planning. Our goal is to combine innovation and research with a professional completeness, capable of responding to complex programs at any scale. After working for international firms, we have oriented the research of MAU towards the integration artifice-nature, to create sensitive environments in perpetual change, which stimulate the interaction between man and environment. Our extensive knowledge of diverse physical, environmental, historical and social conditions, help to design and create better places for people. Our team also makes use of external expertise at the international level in the field of engineering, landscape and sustainability, being able to work with different clients, from private to public, translating and interpreting their needs and expectations.

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Executive Director

Born in Padua in March 4, 1949 he graduated in Architecture in Venice in 1982. In 1983, he founded his own firm, “Atelier Giuseppe Cappochin”, which deals with architectural design and large scale planning, implementation planning, public-private agreements. He is president of the Barbara Cappochin Foundation and coordinator of UrbanMeta.

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Executive Director

Born  in  Verona  1958,  after  his graduation  in Venice in 1984, he started his career working in Verona with his master and found a new architecture Studio called “Ramassociati”. Since 1992, he has been working as freelance and in 1998 he founded “Archieffe” firm. Since then, the office has carried out both building, construction projects and planning and management.

Roberto Franchini, Giacomo Gola, Amarda Velcani, Andrea Michelini, Jacopo Berlendis, Davide Cappochin

Roberto Franchini, Giacomo Gola, Amarda Velcani, Andrea Michelini, Jacopo Berlendis, Davide Cappochin



MAU is born to meet the needs of the concept of ‘urban regeneration’. Through the recovery and upgrading of pre-existing building assets, from the most degraded suburbs to abandoned buildings in the centers of the most important cities. Through Interventions that limit the consumption of land, safeguarding the landscape and the environment, mindful of sustainability. The purpose of the regeneration of buildings or spaces is alongside cultural, social, economic and environmental interventions aimed at improving the quality of life, respecting the principles of environmental sustainability and participation. Innovation in design, qualification of development models, and care of the relationship with the territory are strategic goals towards which our priority is directed to each intervention.